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Cannabis may be used for medical reasons during Passover, despite previously being forbidden. Consuming marijuana for medical reasons is kosher for Passover, a leading rabbi has ruled, after being presented with cannabis leaves and told that they have a ‘healing’ smell.

In its annual report on the U.S. cannabis industry, Marijuana Business Daily predicts up to $44 billion in economic impact by 2020. To put that into some corporate context: it's roughly equivalent to the current market cap of Netflix (NFLX) or Caterpillar (CAT).

The man who calls himself Nicholas Trainer-bees is becoming something of a legend among both beekeepers and cannabis enthusiasts. Nicholas is a 39 year old man who lives in France. In addition to being a beekeeper, an artist, and a locksmith, he’s also an outspoken supporter of marijuana.

Anthony Ausgang is a top name in the lowbrow art movement. His cartoony color-popping paintings of psychedelic cats appear in galleries around the world and on the cover of MGMT’s Congratulations, which hit No. 2 on the Billboard 200 charts. As a noted artist and cannabis enthusiast, the Trinidad-born Angeleno was a natural choice to create cannabis-themed art for a self-described “very large legal marijuana company in Seattle.” The company reached out to Ausgang and sent him a proposal to design labels for different cannabis strains, but after he submitted the first two pieces, the company lawyer quickly gave him the ax.

A few years back, an image made the web rounds that compared the health risks of using cannabis and drinking soda pop. The data overwhelmingly cast soda as the substance of risk, yet cannabis is the longstanding target of prohibition.

Central Asia is believed to be the ancestral homeland of the cannabis plant, and the ancient peoples of the region are known to have been instrumental in its spread throughout the world, to southern and eastern Asia, Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and Europe.

Go get your nails done. Then go get high. Bet you didn’t think you could, right? Also, would you really want to? No, we don’t actually expect you to make a trek to the nail salon before you smoke up. Think of these 12 manicures as mere metaphors for their coordinating plant pedigrees. Nail polish shades and cannabis strains have a surprising amount in common.

As the reality of legalized non-medical marijuana looms large, Canadians want to know if it's as dangerous as cigarettes. Or is pot actually "infinitely worse," as former Prime Minister Stephen Harper famously declared during the recent federal election?